About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our page! We are Emma and Kate and we formed the Proper Party Company in early 2019.
It was born from a love of silliness, fun, magic and energy and was a dream we had both had for years and are so happy to finally share with you all.
If you had not already guessed, we are sisters, and luckily the kind that get along very well. From a young age we were both involved in local theatre companies, performing in pantomines and shows. Our lives then took different paths, with Katie joining the army and Emma (alongside an office job) becoming part of a large wedding function band which was then followed by an acoustic duo, a pop and jazz funtions band and a 1940s close harmony vocal trio.
Performing and entertaining have always been in our blood. Children seem to be instantly attracted to us  and we love having fun with them and being silly – thats what life is all about!
We wanted to create a business a bit different, a bit special. We love that feeling of being on holiday and having the children entertained until they drop! We wanted to re create and bottle some of that magic! Thats why we entertain from start to finish with games, party dances, ceremonies, wishes and all kinds of fun.
We also know and understand how stressful booking and arranging a party can be, especially around communication! Thats why we strive to keep all of our clients in the loop from start to finish and beyond.
Our range of parties is very diverse. Our princess and superhero parties being very popular options but we also offer bespoke parties. We create a party based on any theme you like!
We love what we do and our aim will always be to sprinkle a bit of PROPER magic into every party. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us and we hope to meet you soon!

Love Emma & Kate x