PROPER Characters

PROPER Princesses

Come and meet our PROPER Princesses. Here to add that special touch and moment to any event. Our princesses sing, dance and talk like the real thing. Join us for a Princess lesson, crowning and fun. Our wish is your command – if there is a particular princess that you like and you do not see her below just let us know!

PROPER Ice Sisters

Our popular Ice sisters love snow and magic! They can be booked together or separately for all kinds of party fun. They sing your favourite winter songs and add a touch of snow magic to everything they do.

PROPER Rapunzel

Our Rapunzel has managed to break free from her tower in the woods to provide you with an energetic party experience. She loves to sing, play games and act silly. Join her for an unforgettable time. You may even get a visit from her chameleon friend.


Our beautiful fairy Tinks cannot wait to sprinkle a touch of pixie dust to your special day. Flap you wings and get ready for for a magically wonderful time.

PROPER Unicorn Princess

Our unicorn princess loves all things sparkly! She comes from the relm of eutopia where she is guardian of all of the unicorns. Join her for some dancing and fun. She will be sure to add a touch of glitter and rainbows to your special day.

PROPER Sea Princess

Our special sea princess has been given a magical time away from the sea to create special memories with you. She loves to sing your favourite sea songs and dance whilst she has legs! She will make any party a splashing fun time.


Come and help save the day with our PROPER Heros. Learn your favourite hero poses, dance and play games with us. We love adding that ZAP! and POW! to all of our events.

PROPER Spider Hero

Our Spider hero has taken time out from saving the day to party with you. Join him and learn how to party like a hero!

PROPER Bat Heros

This pair are ready to make any super party extra special. They can be hired together or separately. You can be sure that they will dance, play super games and probably save the day afterwards!